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The centrifugal shot blast wheel has been used on various types of blast machines for nearly 100 years. First used mainly in the foundry industry to clean castings, its use has expanded to nearly every part of the metal working industry and into other industries such as plastics, aeronautical, coatings, and petroleum industries. Regardless of the industry it’s used in, the performance of the blast wheel determines how well a blast machine will perform.

Because the blast wheel is the most important component to any blast machine, Sunspan Systems looked very closely at existing wheels in the market place when we decided to build our own blast wheel, specifically noting the pluses and minuses of each wheel design. Our evaluation process was relatively easy as we started our business servicing blast equipment. With direct field exposure to nearly every wheel design and manufacture we were able to determine what worked and what didn’t and most importantly why.

The Sunspan Systems ProBlast Wheel as a result is an unique direct drive wheel design with superior blasting performance. Our wheel starts with:

  • A heavy 1” thick base plate,

  • Foot mounted 2 pole motor,

  • ½ inch thick 400 AR plate wheel housing

  • ½ inch thick  manganese steel front and rear liners

  • Cast Alloy Top & End Liners

  • Single Side 16 inch diameter machined and balanced blast wheel

  • Heat treated straight dovetail type wheel blades

  • Most importantly a specially machined wheel hub and centering plate that allows the wheel impeller to be mounted without a drilled and tapped motor shaft.

The ProBlast Wheel is used on all Sunspan Systems Blast Machines and is also available for retrofit on blast equipment manufactured by others.

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