We design and build shot blast machines knowing that they are potentially self-destructive—literally attempting to destroy themselves every minute they operate. We also know that our blast machines perform an important function in the manufacturing processes of our customers. Their dependability and the cost effectiveness of operation are critical to the ability to produce and ship quality finished products. It is with this understanding that we build our machines with heavy armor plate exterior walls and /or alloy and manganese steel inner linings, with our typical blast cabinet wall thickness normally being 1” thick or greater.

Equally important to the function and serviceability of a blast machine is the durability and accessibility of component parts. Specially designed or commercially altered components [a common practice by many of our competitors] add to the initial and future replacement cost of components and replacement parts.  Sunspan Systems stays steadfast in the use of standard, commercially available components such as motors, gear boxes and electrical  controls in our equipment design.