Dust Collector Repair Parts
Service & System Upgrades

Dust collection systems have evolved over the past 30 years from large inefficient shaker baghouses to physically smaller highly efficient air pulse bag and cartridge dust collectors. The industrial applications these dust collectors operate in, has also increased dramatically. Dust collectors serve as both functional necessary components of industrial processing and manufacturing equipment and as environmental control systems giving manufacturing a greener healthier foot print in their communities.

The increase in the application and use of dust collectors has also increased the number of dust collector manufacturers and the types and designs of dust collectors in the market place. This influx of players in the design, manufacture and application of dust collectors has created a complex supplier grid of new dust collection equipment and replacement parts and filters for them. This is where Sunspan Systems differs from the other companies, because of our many years of experience designing, building and servicing dust collection systems, we are the problem solving providers of parts and service, for all makes, models and types of dust collectors. When others simply provide replacement parts, we help determine if an alternative component or filter is available.

Dust Collector Services

Ductwork System Design, Hood Design, Leak Detection, Airflow Measuring, Unit and System Upgrades, Application Changes, Fire Investigation and Prevention. 

Replacement Filters

Filter Bags, Cartridges, Afterfilters

Repair Parts: Purge Valves

Purge Valve Repair Kits, Venturis, Manifolds, Shaker Components, Screw Conveyors, Airlocks, Dribble Valves, Explosion Vents, Pressure Relief-Panels, Hoppers, and more


Complete Fan and Blower Assemblies, Fan Blade Replacement or Repair, Inlet Cones