Dust Collection

Our years of experience installing and servicing blast equipment has taught us the importance of a properly designed and sized dust collector in a blast cleaning system. Dust collectors used in conjunction with blast equipment provide more than just ventilation to the machine, they are a functional component of the system. In addition to removing process dust from the blast operation, dust collectors function with the airwash separators to reclaim and reprocess used abrasive.

Failure to provide adequate dust collection results in an environmentally unsafe atmosphere. Decreased blast machine performance and higher operating costs will also result if a blast machine is not properly vented.

If we know your specific equipment layout and placement, we can even provide preassembled, properly designed ductwork for simple cost effective re- installation at your facility.

Sunspan Systems can help with the engineering of your blast cleaning system to make sure you are in compliance with current OSHA and NFPA regulations.