Downdraft Tables

Sunspan Systems Inc designs & manufactures downdraft & backdraft worktables and workstations.  We use the same heavy construction and filter technology in our vented workstations, worktables and backdraft hoods as in our Cartridge Dust Collector Line ensuring performance and durability. 

We are experienced dust control specialists with the ability to design and manufacture equipment to your specific needs. In most applications we can improve the ergonomics of the operation in addition to controlling the dust generated from it.

Sunspan Systems Inc. can supply self contained and centrally vented workstations, backdraft and downdraft worktables in a number of configurations and custom designs.

Sunspan Systems Inc. has designed and built worktables and workstations for:

Grinding, Buffing, Scarfing, Sanding, Sawing, Soldering, Welding, Air Arcing,
Cutting and Powder Packaging

Our Equipment is used by the following industries:

Metal Working, Wood Working, Fiberglass, Chemicals, Food Processing,
Assembly and the U.S. Military

Our Goal is to provide a dust free work area and enhance the operation. We listen and take the time to know your operation and requirements before we propose any equipment.