Blast Equipment Repair Parts

Currently Abrasive Blast Machines are designed and manufactured by approximately a dozen companies located in the USA, Canada and Europe. Equipment manufactured by some of these companies has been in operation for more than 50 years. In many cases we have found that these machines have changed ownership and application several times in their life time. Quite often they have been refurbished, redesigned, and retrofitted, making identification and procurement of replacement parts and components from the OEM difficult, and sometimes impossible. Other times older parts are simply obsolete and therefore no longer available, or have extremely high price tags. Regardless of the original manufacturer, the equipment’s age or lack of documentation, Sunspan Systems can supply premium, cost effective, replacement parts and components for them.

Abrasive Handling System Components

  • Screw Conveyors

  • Shaker Conveyors

  • Scalping Drums

  • Elevator Buckets & Belts

  • Pulleys

  • Shafts Bearings

  • Housings

Material Handling Components

  • Rubber Work Conveyor Belts

  • Steel Flights And Links

  • Barrel Heads

  • Bearing And Spindle Assemblies

  • Shafts

  • Sprockets

  • Pulleys

  • Roller Assemblies

  • Shot Gates

  • Magnavalves & Controls

Blast Wheel Parts

  • Runner Heads (Inner-Outer)

  • Bearing & Spindle Assemblies

  • Blades-Vanes

  • Impellers & Control Cages

  • Wear Plates

  • Feed Spouts

Blast Cabinet

  • Rubber Seals

  • Finger Seals

  • Manganese Steel Plate - Cut Shapes

  • Manganese Steel Structural Steel

  • Floor Plating & Grading

  • Screens

Electrical Controls

  • Components

  • Complete Control Panels


  • Equipment Rebuilds Field & In-House

  • Equipment Upgrades

  • Service Contracts