Blast Equipment

The heart of any blast machine is the blast wheel. Our current design, a 16” diameter 8 bladed wheel, is the result of over 10 years of field and shop testing. It has proven itself as a high performance stand-out in basic blast cleaning operations to complex peening operations.

At Sunspan Systems we have recognized that uniqueness of application, process, material handling, workflow and even facility constraints of our customers all require versatility of equipment design. In most cases we can incorporate special equipment layout and design changes without adding substantially to the cost due to our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

To date, we have designed and built blast machines from simple single wheel tumble blasts to huge 16 wheel bridge girder machines.

Sunspan Systems is one of the only blast equipment manufacturers to employ a standard unaltered blast wheel motor. Our blast wheel motors are standard rock crusher grade motors so they feature heavier bearings than standard motors of the same frame size and horsepower.

Our blast wheels also use a single sided runnerhead eliminating outboard bearing load on the motor shaft. Blast component balancing and a high level of quality control ensure a smooth vibration-free blast wheel.

We add to the durability of our blast wheels by fabricating the wheel housings with ½” thick 400 AR plate. The interior of the wheel housings are lined with a combination of cast alloy and manganese steel replaceable liners.

The complete blast wheel assemblies are factory mounted on 1” thick base plate and are test run prior to shipment. The base plate wheel mounting design allows for easy complete assembly replacement as well as an easy upgrade retro-fit to equipment manufactured by others. Blast wheel retrofits at several foundries have reduced cleaning times by more than 50% when compared to the original OEM blast wheels.

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