Application Engineering

Blast Equipment and Dust Collectors are utilized in a wide range of industries and applications. We have found that equipment designs and system layouts differ not only by industry type , but also by the end user’s specific needs, constraints and  desired operation. To better serve our customers we ask a lot of questions up front, we try to get a solid understanding about the prospective customers’ production needs, building constraints, expected equipment performance, material handling, safety and code issues , operator interaction and equipment budget.

Once we have a good understanding of the customers’ operation we can determine the best equipment for the application and what modifications are required to insure the equipment is tailored to that specific end user. Many times only minor changes to our standard equipment designs are required other times major redesigns are necessary evolving into a one of a kind specialty machine. Because Sunspan Systems builds in-house specially engineered machines normally cost less than the standard machines of our competitors.

Although special designs are more common in our blast equipment lines, dust collection systems are becoming more end user specific and therefore require a greater amount of  specialization and engineering. We haves always considered ; all dust collectors; both standard and special  to be a single component of a complete dust collection system. Because the dust collector is only one part of the total system it’s performance can be compromised by poorly designed connected and auxiliary components of the system , such as ductwork , hoods vent points and after filters. In other words a  perfectly designed and applied dust collector will not function in a poorly designed or incompatible ductwork or vent system. This is why we offer complete ductwork system design, application engineering  and / or consultation services. Depending on the complexity of your dust collection system our engineering services maybe included in your equipment price with little or no additional charge.

Additional Engineering Services

In addition to providing  new equipment design and application engineering services, Sunspan Systems also offers used equipment evaluation, upgrading and assessment services. Due to economic changes many manufacturing companies have closed or consolidated plants. These closings have and will increase the number of used blast machines and dust collectors available in the used equipment marketplace. Used equipment can provide an economical alternative to new equipment. However, many times the equipments true condition, removal, transportation , repair, alteration and erecting costs are not properly estimated into the total equipment cost equation resulting in a used machine or dust collector costing more than new one. Our service provides a full written report including photographs outlining the machines condition, associated costs and even a recommended maximum purchase price for the machine.